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Olive Manon Virgin Oil (Box of 2) (2x100ml)

 Olive Manon Virgin Oil (2 x 100ml)
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Price: 85.00 SGD each
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The Olive Manon Virgin Oil is 100% pure Olive Oil without any additives, fragrance or preservatives. One product is all you need from Head to Toes - from cleanser for scalp, moisturising and softening the hair to cleanser for face to remove make up effectively. It can also be used as body massage oi ...Read more

The Olive Manon Virgin Oil is 100% pure Olive Oil without any additives, fragrance or preservatives. One product is all you need from Head to Toes - from cleanser for scalp, moisturising and softening the hair to cleanser for face to remove make up effectively. It can also be used as body massage oil, body oil or moisturiser to protect and repair damaged skin, speed up recovery of wounds, heal cracked heels, prevent sunburns, etc.

Olive Oil contains polyphenol (anti-oxidants) which has whitening effect and healing power. It also contains other vitamins such as E and K which is effective and beneficial to skin health.

Olive Oil contains high quantity of Squalene, which is responsible for the oil’s quick absorption into our skin. Squalene is a natural and vital part of the synthesis of all plant and animal sterols. It helps our cells to absorb the vitamins and minerals from skin care products.

Researchers discovered that Olive Oil contains high level of polyphenols which has strong antibacterial properties. The oil, from the first pressings of olive fruits, packs the most polyphenols. Olive Manon Virgin Oil is processed via first cold pressed fruits on the same day when the fruits are harvested.

A naturally occurring chemical found in Virgin Olive Oil is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent. This works particularly well for those with redness on face or body caused by acne or rashes, as well as for healing of wounds.

Ingredient : 100% Olive Fruit Oil

For Hair – (Scalp Care) Massage about 10ml (2 teaspoons) of Olive Oil onto scalp prior to showering. This will help break down dirt which is caught with the oil within the scalp after a long day. Clearing of scalp will unclog pores and thus encourage hair growth. Doing this regularly will also reduce the greying of hair. Leave Olive Oil on for 5-10 minutes, then proceed to wash your hair.

(Hair Care) – Apply Olive Oil to hair ends directly to prevent split-ends to also manage dry and fizzy hair. Apply the oil after shower, avoiding the scalp. This treatment is especially effective for those who have dyed or bleached hair.

For Face – (Facial Cleanser) Wet a piece of cotton and squeeze away excess water. Apply one pump of olive oil on it, and gently wipe the entire face, including the eye area to remove all make up and impurities. Repeat this if needed. After this oil cleansing process, wash face thoroughly with a water-based cleanser. It is important to clean your face with an oil-based cleanser, even if you do not wear make up. When the face is thoroughly clean and the pores are unclogged, acne outbreaks will be reduced drastically.

To get rid of white/black heads effectively, gently massage a generous amount of Olive Oil onto face for 5 minutes. After massaging, place a hot towel (be careful not to burn yourself) over your face till the towel is cooled. Repeat the hot pack process one more time. Wash off excess oil from face thoroughly with a foam cleanser.

( Moisturiser / Repair ) – After washing the face, apply lotion/toner first. Once dry, spread one pump of Olive Oil on palm and gently tap on the entire face. For better results, cover your face with a warm towel. It is advisable to do this before bedtime. Your skin will feel soft and smooth when you wash it in the morning; this is because Olive Oil contains high amounts of polyphenol, an antioxidant which also help rejuvenate cells, preventing wrinkles and anti-aging.

For Body – (Massage Oil) Apply Olive Oil generously onto body after shower. It is non-greasy and will be absorbed into the skin easily. For newborn babies, use Olive Oil to massage their entire body from head to toes after bath.

For Nail Care – Massage Olive Oil on your nails/toes to ensure all parts are well-coated. After that, soak your fingers/toes in warm water for 5 mins. Wipe away excess oil. Do this treatment regularly to ensure nails/toes and well-moisturised.

For Cracked Heels / Dry Elbows – Apply Olive Oil generously on cracked heels/dry elbows before bed. Wear a pair of socks over heels after application. You will be able to see the results after first usage.

List of the comments:
6 of 6 find it helpful
2014-09-25 13:17
Had been using this product for couple of years. It can be used from head to toe and especially when I am travelling to cold countries for holiday, I will definitely bring this Olive Oil along. It can keep my dry skin moisturised. My skin feels young and soft. Will recommend this product to my friends.
3 of 3 find it helpful
2014-11-15 02:16
I'd tried this with my baby since birth. Used it to massage him all over, especially his head. He's now 6 months and everyone is complimenting his dark shiny hair. He loves oil massage since then and enjoying it every time. Also, it's super effective for nappy rash and rashes on his face.
No vote yet
2020-03-31 16:26
I have been using this for my new born - as massage oil daily after shower. Also to prevent nappy rush! So so good! She has developed baby acne during the first few weeks and I used this amazing oil - Miracle! Recommended for all mum with little ones. Also, my tummy does not have a single stretch marks during pregnancy because I have been using it daily too.
No vote yet
2020-04-06 16:33
Amazing gift from Mother Nature! Thank you for bringing this wonderful product to us.


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